About Us


At Sifis Jewelry, we weave the timeless allure of blossoms into exquisite jewelry. Each piece is a wearable masterpiece, capturing the delicate elegance of flowers in every detail. Our passion for nature's beauty is meticulously crafted into every necklace, ring, and earring, allowing you to adorn yourself with the grace and charm of blooming petals. Experience the fusion of nature and artistry with our collection, where floral dreams become a stunning reality.

Sifis was born and raised in Chania, Crete, Greece (1966). He graduated from the Goldsmith School (OAED, Athens). In 1989, he attended seminars on the gemology and the processing of gem stones. In 1990, he first set up his own workshop in Chania, and in 1996 he moved to the artistic village of "Verekinthos" (Souda, Chania). Since 2011, he has a handmade artistic jewelry store in the Old Town of Chania. The source of his artistic creators is the World of Plants and, by extension, Nature itself. It behaves in every flower, petal and soul in a different way to transform into a unique creation. The raw materials of his creators include 18 carats of gold, silver, brass and precious or semi-precious stones.

1985 -1988: Public School of Silver and Gold "OAED", Athens.

1999: Gemology and cutting of stones, 1989 Chania.

2015: Amsterdam Seerad.https://www.sieraadartfair.com/
2014: Symbols Industrial Gas Museum technopolis City Of Athens http://www.technopolis-athens.com/web/guest/home
2014: Amsterdam Seerad.https://www.sieraadartfair.com/
2011: Group Exhibition Dromonero Olive Oil, Chania.http://fmag.gr/node/5472
2011: Group Exhibition Glossitsies, Chania.
2010: Participation in the Contemporary Greek Contemporary Jewelery Exhibition.
2010: Gallery TAF.http://theartfoundation.metamatic.gr/GR/Map/sto_T_A_F_/
2010: Seerad -My Precius.
2010: Madrid Iberjoya.
2010: Winery of Douraki Chania Kreta.https://dourakiswinery.gr/happenings/?lang=gr
2010: Cultural Center Rethymnon.
2009: Inhorgenta Munich Germany.https://www.inhorgenta.com/index.html
2008: Gallery Titaniym Athens.http://www.titaniumartgallery.com/the-gallery-gr.html
2008: Inhorgenta Munich Germany.https://www.inhorgenta.com/index.html
2008: Cyprus.
2007: Dailanis Gallery Thesaloniki.Greece
2007: Gallery Milonogianni Chania.
2006: BenakiMuseum Athens.https://www.benaki.gr/index.php?lang=el
2005: Gallery Marneri Athens.http://www.elenimarneri.com/gallery

Commercial exhibitions
2010 to 2016 AZ Papageorgiou "Panhellenic Exhibition of Greek Jewelery.http://www.a-wpapageorgiou.gr/en/
1991 to 2010: "Gold - Silver" Panhellenic Greek Jewelery Exhibition.Atanna.http://hellenic-jewellery.helexpo.gr/
1991 International Exhibition of the Thesaloniki Jewelery.
1991 Art Exhibition of "Texnima" Athens.